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Here is a reminder from both Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn, the first originators of the codes. All documents pertaining to their discovery are listed in the references of the bottom of the page. Please note that Marc has closed his blog, and some links from him may not show up. Isabel Henn asks for this to be included in this document from this time forward--at the request of Divine Mother:. This assembly of codes and the instruction how to use them is NEVER to be sold, but always to be shared free and without any claim or exchange.

It is written for the free use by all humans and all beings as I give the codes for the free use by ALL. Each human, each being has a right to use these codes free and without charge. It is also not allowed to change this assembly, unless I give my appropriate personal order for this.

Without the authorization through me or as a transfer against exchange the codes will be useless, because they request a certain consciousness and a certain frequency level of the people so that they can be used. I tell you this to stop any ideas for this purpose before they even begin. This is a living document, all new codes and the links to the messages shall be integrated here. And please remember the spaces in the number sequences as they are important.

Without them the codes won't work but it would lead to far to explain it here. Be careful to write the number codes correctly. The Central Nervous System. Psychiatric Imbalance Which Requires Treatment. Energy and Sleep. They can be given by the loved ones to the one who is suffering--use your body as a surrogate for the codes, or trace the codes on a picture.

They can also be used by those who are suffering on themselves to ease the distress.

The Head and Neck. The Eyes and Vision. The Endocrine System and Conditions of the Metabolism. The Heart and the Circulation Blood Pressure.

(PDF) The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases | Peter Lim -

Cardiac Surgery. The Blood. The Lungs and Breathing Pulmonary Disease. The Digestive System.

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The Renal System. This includes placement of access for dialysis, keeping the access working and open, and tolerating fluid and electrolyte shifts with each dialysis session of either kind--hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The Female Reproductive Organs and Childbirth. The Male Reproductive Organs.

Infectious Disease. Cancer and Tumors. We have better health then ever before due to applying what you teach about the Word of God! My grandma and aunt both had high blood pressure and strokes and paralysis. But no more! Totally healed by God! After learning Gods word from the Bible and your teachings. Below are some testimonies. This is our great commission to go forth in power!

I am your brother and servant and share with you these glad tidings or I should say this good news of the Gospel,. But, because they eat so much salt over there, its a lot more severe and life-threatening. For He gives generously. We have seen Many Amazing Miracles regarding people suddenly getting wisdom and sudden mentality Increase, Sudden jump in I.

ANNA: Healed of asthma she had for almost 2 weeks. God enabled her to speak. She also had large black sores all over her body and was healed of that. God enabled her to kneel had been unable to bend knees for almost 1 month. JOY: Healed of diabetes and kidney problems. Was able to see some absolutely amazing results after we consulted with him several times and taught him how to acquire his healing and health. We received the following letter from him March 1, Now, Cured and have no plan, but daily prayer to keep it all away permanently.

HEAL Any DISEASE 💚 Physical Mental Spiritual Illness💫Quantum Healing Sound Therapy⎪Shamanic Drums

But here is one reason I have Not been in touch for a while. Hi Doctor John….


I enjoy your Wednesday night broadcasts… but last night touched on something that God has reaaallly been dealing with me on lately…. Right after I was first saved… which was about 15 years ago, I was outside my house, installing a home-brew central air-conditioning condenser unit. I was working on the AC wiring, and the skies clouded up, and it began to rain. I was a baby-in-Christ at that time… pleading for help.

Triumphing over Our Weaknesses

What happened next was something that I had never had happen to me before…. Well… that was a shocker… but what happened next will stick with me forever…. And exactly like you said… within about seconds, it completely stopped! There were reports of sightings within a mile of us, and the radar on TV News showed we were directly in its path. At that very moment, the tornado retreated back into the clouds… it was gone. God started bugging me about it Friday afternoon… pray against it, call on His Name again.

I went to the front door, opened it a bit it was cold! Shut the door, went to bed. We still struggle with church finances. I was working for GARMIN International at the time… I was the 12 th employee, and got to grow with them to over 3, employees, worldwide in over 10 countries. I believe God has given me a few ideas in both areas… just wish I had more time to work on it!!!!! God has already given me some amazing product insights in my life… even WAY before I believed in Him!

Then, in about age 21 , I was a product design engineering assistant at a law enforcement electronics company, M. I came up with the crazy idea that someday, I would be able to digitize my music, store it on a memory chip, and plug it into my car stereo somehow… but unfortunately that was the days of Kbit DRAM memory chips… nowhere near what was needed to implement what we now call MP3 players.

Healing Spells

I had my 2 nd patent there for a snow plow remote control which sent the RF commands through the vehicle 12V wiring. At least he made his decision for Christ before he left this life… though just barely! And they say I owe them nothing, if they get abolished! It looks like your standing in agreement with me is moving the Almighty God to change the law in the Netherlands!!! I consider this a miracle and my flabber is gasted!!! Long ago there was a preacher named Corrie Ten Boom. She said The Lord told her to book a particular flight. Then the travel agent got a message that that particular flight was possible after all, because henceforth some obscure island would be used for refueling.

Please keep standing with me in agreement that the government will indeed abolish these type of fines. If the Lord keeps acting like this upon our standing in agreement, keeping taxes and fines away from me, my donations to you cost me nothing! I have received your June newsletter, thanks.

Part I: The path of prosperity

May the Lord bless you guys. I live in the Netherlands where I work as a receptionist annex security guard at a home for the elderly. With my wages I can make ends meet, but I have no buffer for unexpected bills. Last year the tax authorities ordered me to report my income. I thought all my taxes were paid, but when I read up a bit on taxes I found out I had probably paid 1, euros too little. They did, and I got a bill for some euros.

A couple of months later I had another encounter with the authorities. I was fined 3, euros for not having a health insurance. The fining authority exhorted me to pay up, and they added collection costs to the fine. But then the fining authority did a miraculous U-turn.