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April 9th, Food distribution for the poor from donated food by Yummy's Catering. Approximately meals of salads and sandwiches were given out to the homeless in Manhattan. Each of these events will be about meals for the homeless and poor. May 11th, Approximately meals were given to the homeless and poor through a food pickup from the Javits Center and the Manhattan Church of Christ.

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June 7th, A food pick for Fordham University and the Lincoln Center for about meals for the homeless and poor. June 25th, A tentative food pickup is planned for the Javits Center if there is food left over from their event. Address is 31st St, Astoria, NY July 19th, A food pickup was made from the Jacob C. Javits Center from the Metro Baptist Church which provided meals of wraps and burritos for the homeless and poor in Manhattan. July 23rd, Food pickup for the Jacob C. July 24th, Food pickup for the Jacob C. Javits Center with the Coalition of the Homeless provided at least meals for the homeless.

July 25th, Food pickup for the Jacob C. Javits Center with the Coalition of the Homeless provided meals for the homeless and poor in Manhattan. I will be speaking at this event to educate children on homelessness. I will also be collecting toiletry items for the homeless. People will be making blankets at the event which they will donate to the Catering for the Homeless' fall toiletry drive, and I will have a table where I will be selling my books.

We raised over 3, toiletry items on this drive.

Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness – Bringing family homelessness into focus.

September 12th, Food pickup for the Jacob C. September 13th, Food pickup for the Jacob C. Unfortunately, after days of work on this, I was not able to get anyone to make this pickup. September 18th, Food pickup for the Jacob C. Javits Center with the Coalition of the Homeless provided about meals to the homeless. September 19th, Food pickup for the Jaocb C.

Leftover food will be donated. City Harvest measures their pickups by pounds, but I like to meals to by measure. Thousands of socks and gloves were raised for the homeless. January 29th, Food pickup between the Coalition for the Homeless and the Metro Baptist Church providing about meals of sandwiches, salads, and sides of chips, yogurts, and parfaits for the homeless.

Javits Center by the Metro Baptist Church provided almost 1, meals to the homeless and poor in Manhattan. There will be 65 advocates from across the nation in attendance. The founders have kindly invited my attendance, and sent out an email asking attendees to bring toiletry items for the homeless for my latest toiletry drive going on until April 20th.

An entire L.A. homeless encampment moved into apartments. But their past still found them

I will get to speak, hand out information and business cards for Catering for the Homeless, Inc. I am also very honored to hear and meet the other nonprofits who will be in attendance, in hopes to promote their good work and facilitate future partnerships. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this exciting new event, and to be leading of the 8 panels. July 11th, Pickup of men, women, and children's clothes from Goodwill to the homeless in shelters around Queens. Sunnyside residents, merchants, nonprofits, including Catering for the Homeless, Inc. More information for this event can be found on www.

Conference of Nonprofits from 10 am to noon in Jackson Heights. Someone from the community who came to my Author Talk at Whitestone Library in May requested that I come to the College Point Library to speak, as the community has recently held protests against the homeless shelter being brought into their community. She asked me to speak and educate the community about the misconception of homelessness, the causes, and the solutions.

All three books will be available for purchase at the Author Talk. August 28th, Speaking at my first CEC Meeting from pm to pm in Manhattan, to testify about my petition to the DOE to allow schools to donate their food excess to the homeless and poor. All three books will be available for purchase. October 17th, Spoke at the United Forties Civic Association in Woodside to invite the members participation in the toiletry drive. November 7th, Speaking at the CB2 to invite participation in the toiletry and food drive, and to give an update.

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Javits Center to get their food excess to the less fortunate in Midtown, Manhattan. November 11th, Approximately 24 boxes 50 meals per box will be picked up today by the Coalition for the Homeless translating to about 1, meals for the homeless and poor. Happy Veterans Day! November 19th, Catering for the Homeless, Inc.

Javits Center provided approximately meals of sandwiches, wraps, and desserts to the homeless in Midtown, Manhattan. She will be speaking about her work to end hunger at pm. November 30th, Catering for the Homeless, Inc. CFTH provided thousands of toiletries, canned goods, clothes, and dozens of turkeys to feed hundreds of families in need.

From homelessness to housing

Thousands of toiletries for the homeless will donated. This conference will invite participants to bring food from all cultures, and have a Holiday Feast! The streets have become the homes of at least 6, New Yorkers. This law: Protects you from liability when you donate to a non-profit organization; Protects you from civil and criminal liability should the product donated in good faith later cause harm to the recipient; Standardizes donor liability exposure.

You or your legal counsel do not need to investigate liability laws in 50 states; and Sets a floor of "gross negligence" or intentional misconduct for persons who donate grocery products. Fundraiser to get Geri a home. Catering for the Homeless raised thousands of dollars to get this homeless woman a home.

https://naldfacsagera.tk Brown Bag Subway Ministry. Part of the Brown Bag Subway Ministry, bringing brown bags full of food to the homeless along the 7 Train. Logo for CFTH. Comprehensive book on homelessness. Church Food Ministries. Lunch program using catered food at a church in NYC. Toiletry Donations.

Brown Bag Ministry. A picture of my preparations in making up these bags of food for the homeless. Show More. Homelessness is an issue that is as complex as the people involved. This comprehensive book on homelessness explores the causes that have resulted in this epidemic—the arms and legs, and the heart and soul of it. Our Invisible Neighbors includes 12 personal accounts of people who have been homeless throughout the United States, an account from a man who was homeless as a child in the Dominican Republic, and a chapter with the synopsis of celebrities who were once homeless.

Officials had received complaints about the two-story house, at Farmers Boulevard, for years, according to public records. In , city building inspectors found that the home had been illegally subdivided into several apartments. The next year, inspectors again found illegal apartments, including in the cellar.