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He fairly outstripped himself in willingness and civility; he was all smiles to everyone. I watched him through the open folding-doors; he outstripped Waddy, applied for the hand of the fine girl, and led her off triumphant. There are people, on the other hand, who desire above all to find in that lucky rival the qualities by which he has outstripped them, and seek with a throbbing ache at heart only what is good.

They were obliged to stuff at least twenty pounds weight of shot in the small rider's pockets, to make him weight; but with all that he outstripped Ariel and Barbare, against whom he ran, by at least three whole lengths. As I had anticipated, Toby, in spite of his previous remonstrances, followed my example, and dropping himself with the activity of a squirrel from point to point, he quickly outstripped me and effected a landing at the bottom before I had accomplished two-thirds of the descent.

During the first seven months of the year, non-residents' deposits outstripped their loans by Dh61 billion, supported by rising interest rates on different certificate of deposits' terms.

outstrip (v.)

Technologist James Bridle takes aim at the twenty-first century's obsession with computation as the solution to all problems, his central argument being that the data we collect has already outstripped our ability to draw meaningful conclusions from it. Rice, sugarcane considered amongst the notable Kharif crops outstripped their production targets in by posting growth of 7.

It did not matter until an actual alleged crime of obstruction became available, and then suddenly collusion was the context for any possible crime. Trump is equally untethered by language. If all of this is confusing, it is because you have not spent any time recently on college campuses. Speech codes are now common, and the meaning of terms is based on how language is received rather than intended. So language now reflects our politics as unhinged and undefined.

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We have been reduced to a language of trolls. All you have to do is point and grunt. The democratic party will do anything they can to take Donald Trump and our nation down people. They are traitors to everything this nation was founded upon.

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It is time to abolish the anti-American foreign democratic nwo terrorist party and restore our republic and start over. The founding fathers gave us that right. It is time.

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The entire anti-American foreign democratic nwo terrorist party in congress should be under arrest for high crimes, seditious conspiracy, treason and many crimes. Aiding and abetting foreign powers in an attempt to overthrow our nation. Human-Child-Drug trafficking, failure to uphold their oath of office and secure our borders.

The list is long people The founding fathers would have shut this party down a long time ago for planned parenthood causing American genocide alone. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I never bought anything [in the store] except the occasional six-pack or Diet Coke.

They had occasional yuppie goods at discount prices and the worst fried chicken ever.

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It was and still is heralded as a community-owned business. Inside, it maintained 58 washers and dryers. Cheery cutout soap bubbles were pinned to the walls. It was no community garden full of collard greens, but residents hyped the project and what it stood for, despite some disagreement about that last point.

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Stanley Brown, who has lived in Columbia Heights since , had an inside look at what a laundromat could do for a community. He frequented the facility; his wife worked there as one of the managers. The laundromat had what few laundromats had: street cred.

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But Brown concedes that some dealers did not respect the unwritten rules. On a few occasions, they would do a little business out of the Big Wash bathroom.

But I just happen to know. Mostly, Chapin residents talk about the loitering and the drug deals. Belmont residents talk about the hanging out, the convenience of a hour bodega, the fried chicken.

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Belmont insists the fried chicken was damn good. When you imply that the chicken might actually be far from damn good, Belmont looks at you like you are crazy. In the middle of a heated battle over single sales about four years ago, Spalding sat on a grand jury, weighing in on testimony for several different cases.


One of them involved Shop Express. The case alleged a fencing operation inside the store. Law enforcement authorities, Spalding says, presented evidence that stolen goods from area burglaries and smash-and-grabs were being sold there. This just gave me extra energy to attack the voluntary agreement. Spalding says he and his fellow jurors agreed there was enough evidence against the fencing operation to go forward with a trial. But Spalding says because grand jury proceedings are secret, he never used his inside information against Shop Express. Fortunately, we did get to a voluntary agreement.