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Wobey er denn mit wenigen Worten gleich den Stand und Ch[a]racter der considerabelsten Person seiner Geschicht zu beschreiben nicht manquiren soll, damit er den Leser gleich anfangs interessirt mache. Zumahl diese Neigungen, welche einander zu wider scheinen, aus einer Quelle hervor quellen. In Gegentheil; es ist ein Fehler we[nn] er es thut, welchen man mit Recht dem Tacito vorwirft.

Reflexiones der Moral-Maximen und anderer Sentencen schicken sich viel besser in Discursen, welche man zu unterweisen machet, als in Historischen Neuigkeiten, deren Haupt-Zweck mir zu gefallen ist. In denen alten Autoribus finden sich Exempel von conversationen genug, welche der Vernunfft zu wieder scheinen. Zumahl sie die Personen gleichsam von denen Begebenheiten, darin wir uns, so zu reden, interessiret, entfernen, und die Folge der Historie unterbrechen. Tite-Live, Saluste, ou Corneille Tacite. Ici le Parlement.

Un classique. Londres, Enfin, Emmy va pouvoir entrer dans le vif du sujet, partir sur le front, se faire un nom au fil de la plume! Francis Scott Fitzgerald fut un nouvelliste hors pair.

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The biggest and most beloved names in English literature have all been here, and you can still see or visit their stomping grounds and favorite places. Moving through time and genre, from Spencer and Shakespeare to Amis and Barnes, from tragedy and romance to chick-lit and science fiction, Literary London is a snappy and informative guide, showing just why—as another famous local writer put it—he who is tired of London is tired of life.

Pourquoi aller au lit? Parce que tout le monde le fait. The indispensable guide to recognize and taste the best of French cheese. Le perfect guide and souvenir for foreign tourists in France. In English or French. Here is the selection for the week of June 21st :. Discover the history of the Resistance or that of the Arabic world.. Africa, cinema, Egypt, history, impressionism, Middle Ages, music, ancient and contemporary art : all passions are to be satiated in the small and big museums of Paris!

The best practical illustrated guide dedicated to all visitors eager to discover the treasures of the French Capital. Packed with amusing anecdotes and true stories about the characters and places of the region.

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A must for anybody even thinking about crossing the Channel for the good life in rural France! Every summer thousands of Brits and other Europeans head to the south west of France for bliss, beauty and freedom. His project was doomed apparently — he was constantly told by industry sages that nothing goes on there out of season. But he soon discovered that the strange characters, ambitious local politicians, vain sportsmen and yes, badly-behaving foreigners provided more than enough material to keep newsrooms happy.

There are the politicians preaching the benefits of Brexit while living a grand life in France. There is also one village in the Pyrenees where many flock believing when the inevitable end of the world comes, it will be the sole place that will survive. More stories include treasure-seekers convinced of a Catholic Church cover-up, the downright dishonest practices in the truffle markets and other inhabitants of the region who have included ex-terrorists and murderers on the run. Here is the selection for the week of June 14th :.

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Et les Organisations internationales en sont un des acteurs majeurs. Les attaques ont pris plusieurs formes: - Des envois de courriels massifs vers les adresses affoi. Vous trouverez une copie de ce bulletin ICI. Tous les liens et informations ICI. Vous trouverez ce document ICI. Vous en trouverez l'agenda ICI. Cet enjeu sera pleinement pris en compte dans le programme du GAF pour actuellement en cours de finalisation. Vous trouverez son courrier ICI. Le rythme de parution sera bimensuel. AFFOI pour les jeunes, prend forme. Vous trouverez ce site temporaire ICI.


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Durant son entretien avec Dominique Hoppe , S. Dans ce cadre il est donc un acteur important pour nombre de pays membres de la Francophonie, en particulier sur le continent africain. Le tirage au sort aura lieu le 12 Janvier Pour vous inscrire et participer c'est gratuit aller ICI. Article UPF. Le commissariat est responsable de la promotion de la loi sur les langues officielles.

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The Deserter This letter, gentlemen, is to you politicians, You men in high positions - please read it when you can. When I woke up today orders were waiting for me To go and join the army, at once without delay. I shall not, gentlemen! That's why I write this letter, To say that men had better refuse to fight again.

I don't want to upset you; I simply want to let you know that we're sick of war. I've seen for many years how they have killed the others, Seen brothers snatched from brothers, and children lost in tears.

Nothers with swollen eyes weep while the rich, not hearing,- Too busy profiteering!