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A majority of us stay in our own little corner of it, in our same basic routine. Exploring new destinations is a great way to venture out of our routine. Traveling is a chance to gain perspective through new experiences. So friend, do you have a travel bucket list? Well dreamer, why not let today be the day to start your travel bucket list? How full would your heart be? What are your travel dreams? Hear that, friends?

Forty-two percent! We all do, right? Because friends, I truly believe this world was made for us to explore. So go ahead, dream big and create your ultimate bucket list! This is the fun part!

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A bucket list is a wish list of locations you want to visit. Are you dreaming of a few huge trips that will take years to come true? Or will a trip a year or a month! Read through the following exercise to create your own travel bucket list. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon?

Ready to marvel at the Taj Mahal? Wanting to hit the cobblestone streets of Italy? Remember this is your list, so build it to match your true travel desires. Use the questions below to think of more places to add. Seriously take some time to work through these questions. Google and Pinterest are your friends here! Then you remember the time you saw photos of the undiscovered beach off the coast of Barbuda and wanted to check into flights.

Wherever your research takes you, use this time to discover your ideal destinations and add them to your travel bucket list.

Okay, are you feeling good about your travel bucket list? Does it excite you to even imagine experiencing all those destinations? The next part is a bit more challenging: making it happen. Start breaking down your newly created list to figure out when you can make these dreams a reality. Where will you go first? When can you make it happen? A great place to start is prioritizing your list. You could try to categorize them in order of affordability, or location, or the dreamiest first. Then determine your timeline. If you want to go to your first destination in fifteen months, take that basic cost and divide by fifteen.

Can you save that much per month? If not, you have a three options: change your timeline, change your destination or change your finances.


The key here is not to get discouraged! Your lifestyle and finances can help you achieve your dreams of crossing every destination off your list, but you need to ask yourself the hard questions to make big changes. If your mind can create it, and you truly believe in it, you can achieve it.

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Finally, stay inspired. Just the process of creating your list can light a fire within you to make changes to your life and achieve your travel goals. Look at your finances every month, week, or payday to keep track of your savings goals. Your next vacation. But how do you make this trip memorable? And with as little stress as possible? Well, here are my top 10 tips to make this trip your best vacation ever.

What are the top three destinations on your travel bucket list? Share in a comment below…then write down those goals! Thanks Donna! Making the list is the easy part. Making it happen is a bit tougher. And get the idea that they are dangerous out of your head. ANY place can be dangerous. Overall, hostels are safe. Half the fun of traveling to a new place is learning the language.

The rules are so loosey goosey that your mind is open to change and exceptions. Try to learn at least the basics before you travel, and pick up new words as you are traveling. Try that in Japan. Or Paris. Just see how it goes. While you are getting lost, you might have the most amazing experience of your life. You might have to learn some of the local language. The possibilities are really endless. Leave the suitcase at home and just travel with a backpack. I mean, hundreds of people do it every year so there has to be something to it, right?

It takes a lot more skill to pack everything you need into a single backpack instead of the extra space a suitcase allows.

follow link See how much you dare to leave behind. Leave everyone else behind, and get through a trip to a foreign country alone. Get out there into the world and force yourself to interact with the people around you.

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And if you are going it alone, stay off the phones and tablets when you are out and about. Before it expires. While you are at it, fill up two or three of those books. How many of these things have you checked off your list? Pura Vida Newsletter - Sign Up. Advertise with Us. Contact Us. About Us. Top Posts.

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