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Black people used to have to board the front of the bus, pay their fare, and then get off to re-enter through the back door. But, 12 years before the bus seat incident, Parks resisted that rule, refusing to get off the bus until she was forced off by the driver. King, paving the way for diversity in the police force. This incredible image was taken during a demonstration of the Nordic Reich Party, in the Swedish city of Vaxjo, and shows heroic Danielsson hitting a neo-Nazi over the head with her handbag.

It went the equivalent of viral, and Danielsson — whose mother had reportedly survived a Nazi concentration camp — was widely hailed as a hero. Raskova led the charge to get women the opportunity to be involved on the frontlines of the war, and managed to persuade the military to establish all-women units.

Women’s History Month: Celebrating women of the past, present and future

But the Night Witches — or the th Night Bomber Regiment — was the only one to remain completely female. Hamilton, now aged 81, is a completely badass computer scientist whose coding got man on the moon — and safely back again. This is her left , posing next to an enormous pile of code that she hand wrote — and on the right is the Lego figure her great work inspired.

At just 24, with an undergraduate degree in maths, she got a job at MIT so she could support her husband through three years at Harvard Law school. After that, it would have been her turn, to do a postgraduate degree maths. In , she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama for her groundbreaking work.

American Olympic swimmer Gertrude Ederle was the first woman ever to swim across the English Channel in It took her a grand total of 14 hours and 31 minutes — a time that also beat the record set by the previous male channel swimmers. War correspondent and photojournalist Bourke-White is a perfect example of bravery, and determination.

In the male-dominated world of conflict reporting, she put her life on the line to capture the story. She was torpedoed in the Mediterranean, she was stranded on an island in the Arctic, and attacked by the Luftwaffe. She was also one of the last to interview Gandhi, just a couple of hours before he was assassinated in India. She was part of the Little Rock Nine — a group of nine African-American students picked out to join the previously all-white school thanks to their excellent grades and attendance.

But they were prevented from entering the school, by their white peers, until President Eisenhower intervened on their behalf. Her career behind the wheel took off in the early s , at a time when women were seriously discouraged from driving cars. But she was not to be discouraged, and, at the age of 22, Alice and three friends none of whom could drive set off on the first-ever all-female drive across the United States. Have the class list the obstacles faced by Blackwell that they believe would still be a problem today and why.

Introduce this part of the lesson by saying: "We have read about the first woman to graduate from a U. We will explore the changes in society that have made this progress possible. We also will look at some of the effects that having more women involved in medicine and science have had on society. On the college's webpage, students can read more about Dr.

Blackwell , including a slightly different version of her "accidental" admission into medical school. Students can read the biography and note any additional information or insight that it provides on Blackwell. Next, have students use their student E-Sheet to go to and read the article called Researcher Suzanne Ildstad Facilitates Xenotransplants on the Snapshots webpage.

Ildstad studies how to make the immune system tolerate transplanted organs' tissues. In answering these questions, have students cite supporting evidence for their conclusions and write these down. In addition to the information on the NIH site, students can use these websites for supporting evidence:. In their comments and reports, it is important for students to demonstrate understanding that past values, beliefs, and attitudes were often different from those of today. In comparing the careers of two women in the medical sciences that are years apart, students can place the scientific enterprise in its social and historical context.

While contemporary women in science, like Dr.

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She contracted with a regional aircraft company to get a smaller plane that only held players and team personnel instead of the families of team personnel and the media a larger plane held. She raised ticket prices, and she replaced expensive lobster and filet mignon in the media dining area at Veterans Stadium on game days with cheesesteaks and hot dogs.

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The truth is, the measures Spencer took to save money, and modernize the way the Eagles made that cash, were ahead of her time. They are common techniques now. It wasn't appreciated, however, in the moment.

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When she once was a guest at Philadelphia's Maxwell Football Club, and introduced, fans stood up and roundly booed her. It was so bad that George H.

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  • Bush, who was there, approached her afterward. To Amy Trask, this issue is not extraordinarily complicated. It's easy to understand why she feels this way. She was hired by the late Al Davis. When it came to both issues of race and gender, Davis was the most progressive owner in the history of sports, hiring the first Latino and African-American coaches, and the first female team executive, Trask.

    Women of Star Trek: The Future Through a Lens of the Past (Mini-Doc)

    I believe it is possible that a woman will be named commissioner during the period you referenced. Is it likely? I don't know that it is likely, but I believe it is a viable possibility. But I digress. It is far less likely that we will see a woman as a head coach in that period. More likely.

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    One owner, in a brief interview, says this: "There will be owners who will embrace this change. Then there are some who won't. That's how it goes. What percentage is what, I honestly don't know. What's certain is that the NFL overall, after decades of mostly treating women shamefully, is undergoing a historic transformation.

    Team officials echoed Trask's words in that they believe the NFL will have a female commissioner before a female head coach. They point to the lack of women in the coaching pipeline. The number—currently one—can grow rapidly as the idea of women in coaching becomes the norm. The same way, decades ago, the idea of women as senators and governors stopped being unusual.

    There will be a woman head coach in the NFL. The process to become a head coach in the NFL at all is a long process, though. So we're just now seeing the door opened. I know females who are head coaches of women's football teams. There's a great one with the Pittsburgh Passion, which has a phenomenal tradition. Odessa Jenkins, my former teammate, is the head coach and one of the owners of the Dallas Elite. Keke Blackmon is the head coach of the Kansas City team. Knengi Martin is head coach of a high school football team out in California.

    These are all women who I came up in the game with. You need that experience.