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Things do change. Things that make you go hmm… Americans and Israelis love you and Egyptians hate you.

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Hmmmm smells like Mossad to me. Very Sad to see you laying your blog down, but under the circumstances. Could be for the best, better than seeing a good young man like yourself put in an Egyptian Jail. Thought you were one of the best of all the ME bloggers. Definately been one of my favorite reads. Thank you for the words, thoughts, and moments you shared with us. Why lil all me of all the nastier commentators?

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I can come here as much as I feel like, I am entitled to my opinion too cuz last time I checked this was a free world even in the land of Egypt. That is what Sandmonkey preached- correct? If I was your typical Egyptian female I would be throwing myself at Sandmonkey or would have my own blog about broken hearts in Egypt bla bla etc. Monkey showed no Mercy with his parsimonious praise of Egypt so why in the world should I let up, capiche? With all our narrow minded mentalities etc.

Like a coward behind your keyboard fine but never in my face. Sandmonkey has nothing to apologize for. Men are born free even if evil ignorant controlling dictators declare otherwise. Thanks for your contribution to the cause. Now get the hell out of that country and continue your work. You will do yourself no good to get arrested, and you can do good for others if you take it on down the road.

You think that SM made it look bad? SM put a human face on the situation there, and for that he should be commended. I know that my own heart softened to know that there are people there who are strong enough to speak their mind, especially with a sense of humour. Its about an American who gets thrown in a Turkish prison for smuggling drugs. I bet Egyptian prisons are just as bad! Stay safe SM!

Walking in the groves thinking like an olive tree | Galilee Green

What a chump. Am I the only one sees past this drivel…. Since Proof of this is: less threatening articles have been written in arabic yet have led to arrest and imprisonment of bloggers, as we have recently seen. Secondly, it is laughable to think that intelligence services who have a great history of successfully outwitting Mossad very highly esteemed have to resort to asking tom, dick and harry on the street to gain their information. I am so sorry you are quitting. God bless you brave Sandmonkey! Your blogs will be sorely missed Take care and shukran!

Ever see G.

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  6. But now back to your comment 1. Nobody threatened him out of the nearly comments get your facts straight. I am surprised that this all the monkey bunch had to say back to me till now, you guys made it seem that I am a worse enemy to him then Mubarak.

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    Another voice has been stifled , a voice that will be sorelly missed. The Monkey, was provocative, informative serious, mischievous and more, but above all he made his readers think.

    Walking in the groves thinking like an olive tree…

    You kiss your mother with that mouth? Should I get real and believe you…or consider this post written in a time of temporary despair? You taught us not to! Continue the fight! Geez, SM, is there some way you can let it be known in the times to come that you are OK and still fighting the good fight?

    I know I for one will never again be able to read an article or hear a news story about Egypt without wondering what your take is. I will also miss the cool Egyptian people who write in the comments, in fact I will miss everybody. Maybe an erzatz SM blog could be kept going by we the readers, then you could post your responses just like everybody else.

    I guess the internet really is a threat to stupidity. We became good friends despite our very different political views. It is sad to see you leave because of someone trying to silence you. If you are still reading, I think we need you to know out few women on this thread. Yes still reading. I respect that. But the viciousness and nastiness in some of these comments…wow.

    Oh you mean Mona and her sandy, um, orifice? BTW, I have been super busy and not blogging, I have a little problem though, if SM will shut down the blog, where am I gonna go to vent and fight with nice Jewish people like you? I understand the break. The democracy movement in Egypt and the middle east as a whole has been a disappointment the last few years. I believe I will, and I believe that you will see great change in Egypt during your lifetime.

    It will come. Good wins in the world. I wish you all the best Sandmonkey. It is sad, Mona, that you cannot articulate your thoughts without the crutch of vulgarity. You desperately want to stand out in the crowd and this is the only means left to you. What you and the other detractors have in common is a tremendous jealousy of Sandmonkey and his international success. You keep forgetting one thing though: you cannot beat his talent and wit no matter how hard you try.

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    So wash your mouth with bleach and take up knitting. As far as the nasty comments go that is what true intellectual blogging is about because you EVA have no idea who the hell I am nor what I have accomplished on the bloggesphere. We all know it is not beneath him. Welcome to reality. All of this talk by the Bush administration of pushing for democracy in the Middle East turned out to be hog wash as soon as the strategic interests of the US shifted.

    To say that democracy cravers such as yourself and others like myself in Saudi Arabia have been duped by the sweet words that came from the White House in , would not be an understatement. I undertstand your disappointment and frustration at being stuck where you are. I also understand you wanting to take a break from blogging and chill out for a while.

    Seeing what they did to that other blogger in Egypt 4 years in jail for criticizing Mubarak it is probably better that you be more cautious for the time being. Your country needs you and other people like you. I dont see whats so intelectual mona your assaulting his credibilty thats just about it. People like Eva? What changes if he WAS mossad?

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    I am an egyptian living outside egypt and I knew about your blog from an article in the christian science monitor u r famous ha! I just have nothing to add to what you said in this post, but I finally felt that there is someone in Egypt who thinks the way I think.

    Mona what the hell are you being so abusive for? Seems like you have a personal problem with Sandmonkey in which case I suggest you take it to e-mail.